Montreal EpiTerapia anticipates exponential growth in DNA methylation/next generation sequencing based assays in the coming years. Our immediate focus is on tests for the common disease that affects large segments of the population, help prevention and early treatment of disease and effects lives and well-being of a large number of people. Montreal EpiTerapia leverages on three decades of pioneering research in epigenetics and DNA methylation by its founding director. DNA methylation is a chemical mark on our DNA that is programmed during development but changes when cancer and many other diseases develop. Measuring these changes in DNA methylation could detect the development of diseases such as cancer early. The company believes that the emerging science of DNA methylation offers untapped potential for new diagnostics in a wide spectrum of conditions that will affect lives of millions globally. We believe that early introduction of these novel diagnostics into emerging markets will have a singular impact on people of these countries and quality of their health care. Montreal EpiTerapia is interested in building licensing partnerships in this area. Please contact us for further information.

Montreal EpiTerapia is a Canadian company dedicated to harnessing the power of novel genetic and epigenetic science and providing new diagnostic assays based on next generation sequencing and DNA methylation for detecting and predicting disease and disease risk in emerging markets with a specific focus on Euro-Asia. Montreal EpiTerapia is an exclusive distributor of a novel method to treat human addiction for DHEA horizon. The company is planning to expand it's epigenetic and genetic diagnostics operation by setting up “next generation” diagnostic labs in several countries in EuroAsia and by licensing new diagnostic assays as they become available. 

Harnessing the potential of genetics and epigenetics for new therapeutics and diagnostics