DHEA Programm

Harnessing the potential of genetics and epigenetics for new therapeutics and diagnostics

 DHEA Horizon has developed a simple and affordable program that improves outcomes for addicts undergoing rehabilitation.
The program helps patients recover more quickly and for longer periods of time. It can be seamlessly incorporated into existing rehabilitation programs, complementing and enriching the various therapies offered.
DHEA Horizon combines the knowledge and expertise of renowned professionals in the field of addiction.
DHEA Horizon was founded and is led by international experts on addiction in general, and treatment with DHEA in particular.
DHEA is a steroidal pro-hormone, naturally produced in the body from cholesterol.
DHEA is essential for the immunological system and was shown to help prevent various diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders.
DHEA was also found to boost energy, improve mood and well-being, decrease depression and anxiety, and also have an anti-aging effect.

For optimal efficacy and outcome, DHEA must be taken at adequate, individually tailored doses.

The software provides a personal profile based on individual data and various physical and psychological parameters.

DHEA Horizon team provide medical accompaniment and guidance, together with novel software enabling exceptionally high statistical prediction of outcome. These elements provide rehab centres with the online support to enhance the prospects for long-term treatment success.

DHEA Horizon’s innovative system supports and enhances the prospects for successfully staying drug-free.


Attenuation of drug craving in animal model


Of addicts remain drug-free up to 16 months


Improvement in treatment recovery rates