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Gal yadid

Prof. Gal Yadid holds a D.Sc. in Neuropharmacology (Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion), an M.Sc. in Neurobiology and Basic Medical Sciences (Hebrew University), and a B.Sc. in Biology (Hebrew University). He is a Professor in the Faculty of Life Science and the head of the Laboratory of Neuropsychopharmacology in the Brain center at Bar-Ilan University. He has chaired many important committees on Neuroscience and Psychobiology and has participated extensively in pharmacological research, particularly in the areas of depression, PTSD, and addiction, with an emphasis on the use of DHEA in the treatment of addiction. He has published over 100 research studies and has been awarded special recognition for scientific contribution by the Israel Society for Biological Psychiatry and the Eur. Neuropsychoparmacol Society and won the Annual Prize of the Israel Society for Biological Psychiatry.